Welcome to a new team member

At Arbuckle Firearms Training we’re always looking to improve the quality of our training and increase the value we provide to our students and the people who visit our website. In keeping with that goal, we’d like to welcome Dr. Christopher Perkins to the Arbuckle Firearms Training team.

In addition to being a professional firearms instructor in both the civilian and law enforcement arenas, Chris is a veteran police officer and criminal investigator with over 18 years of experience. Over the next few weeks and months, Chris will draw on his professional experience and author a series of posts covering what you might expect in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. The topics will cover legal issues, as well as the physiological and psychological effects of shooting in self-defense.

Chris is going to show you what the police will likely do, what the court will likely do, and what your own body and mind could possibly do. This series of articles will be of great benefit to you if you’re ever involved in a justified shooting.

Welcome aboard, Chris.