2013 State of Oklahoma Legislative Summary

A good year for the 2nd Amendment in Oklahoma

Overall, supporters of the 2nd Amendment had a good year in the Oklahoma Legislature. Several good bills were passed in the legislature and signed by the Governor. You can find a detailed wrap-up of the legislative year at the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association website. A special thanks to them for all the hard work they put into getting some good bills passed and at least one bad bill defeated. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened:

  • SDA instructors will have more flexibility in their fee schedules and in obtaining instructor licenses.
  • Any business, employer, or house of worship that allows concealed and/or unconcealed carry is immune from any liability arising from that decision.
  • Carrying in a business with a “no guns” policy will be a simple trespass violation. The current law is unclear on this subject.
  • County sheriffs will be able to issue temporary handgun carry permits to people who have a Victim’s Protective Order and have completed an SDA class. Temporary permit holders will have to apply for a regular license, but won’t have to wait for the regular license to be issued in order to protect themselves.
  • The administrative fine for license holders who don’t notify the police when they are carrying was removed. WARNING: Criminal penalties for this violation still apply.
  • Private K-12 schools will be able to set their own firearms policies and they will be immune from liability for allowing weapons on school property.
  • “Meetings of government officials” was removed from the list of prohibited places. Be aware that meetings held inside government buildings will still be prohibited places since government buildings are still on the list.
  • The above changes will be effective November 1, 2013.
  • Additionally, 2nd Amendment supporters killed an unnecessary and misguided bill that would have added parks and other recreation areas where a youth sports activity is taking place to the list of places where carry is prohibited.

Many thanks are owed to the citizens who called their lawmakers and made their pro 2nd Amendment voices heard and to the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association for everything they do to organize and promote the defense of the 2nd Amendment in Oklahoma.